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About Me

I am not special, i am just another person among the crowd but like all of you i have a past that has made me who i am.

I was an ordinary kid with aspirations of everything, but i was hit with a curve ball. Which flipped my life in a completely different direction. This curveball was severe acne.

This is a picture during my second round of Accutane.

I was a 15 years old in this photo, and slowly sinking in the quicksand of depression and anxiety. I never wanted to be seen by other people, and when i was i looked down and blocked myself from the world. During my 2 year struggle, i lost a piece of myself; and for a long time i stopped fighting and began cruising on auto pilot.

But i decided to stop living in the darkness and simply light a match. This metaphorical match was the act of placing my mind and body first and quit living in the past.

This is a picture of me now, it is still an everyday struggle dealing with breakouts and scaring but I believe I have gained immense knowledge in the process.

This social platform that i am creating will take my experience regarding fitness, health and in-depth skin care solutions to help you live a happier and healthier life.

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