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6 Most common Side Effects of Accutane

6 Most common Side Effects of Accutane

Your acne will most likely get worse for the first month of Accutane, and it is normal for people to get discouraged and walk away, but after that first month things start to improve at an ever increasing rate. So keep your head up and stay optimistic for the first month, then the rest of the journey is smooth sailing.
The order is in Shit to shittiest side effects... The order is in Shit to shittiest side effects...

1. Dry Skin and Lips

Although your face may feel like the Sahara desert at times, it can be remedied with lots of moisturizer and heavy duty lip balm.

Check out my recommended moisturizing lotion and lip balm below the picture,

2. Rashes

Even though you may be applying moisturizer multiple times a day, you may still get the occasional rash. Although it is irritating it shows you that the Accutane is doing its job of squeezing your pours and drying out all the oil in your skin.

3. Nosebleeds

No getting around this one, unless you have a humidifier around all the time. I suggest making up a cool story like you just came back from a kickboxing class ( this gets the ladies).

4. Joint Pain and muscle stiffness

This most often occurs with people who are taking a higher dosage of Isotretinoin. An excellent natural way of combating this is to take Vitamin D3 which is vital for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. This facilitates normal immune functions, put off by the introduction of Acutane; along with helping with bone and teeth strength.

To purchase this item from the comfort of your pajamas i suggest clicking on the link below.

Nature’s Bounty Fibre with Vitamin D3, Promotes Growth of Probiotic Gut Flora, 50 Gummies

5. Restlessness/Drowsiness

Another annoying side effect is the feeling of being tired quite often. Try not to combat this conundrum with energy drinks that contain high levels of sugar; try green tea. It has tons of health benefits, most notably; it lowers inflation, this will get you one step closer to clear skin.

6. Cracking and Peeling skin

This regularly occurs to those who live in dry places along with those who spend extended amounts of time in the sun. Be warned, when you are on Accutane, your skin is very sensitive to the suns rays and if you do not regularly apply sunscreen you can severely damage your skin cells.

Below this i have my recommended sun screen that is designed for people with extremely sensitive skin along with being fragrance-free, paraben-free and water resistant.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Fluid Ultra-Light 50ml


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